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Let's Collaborate!

Jen's Media Page

If you're seeking a spiritual collaborator or speaker for your next event, The Empire Heyoka (Jen) is a great choice!


As a dedicated lightworker, Jennifer is committed to building the New Earth and raising the vibration of the planet. She loves building relationships with like-minded individuals and sharing her message, products, and services with those who align with her mission.


Whether it's a podcast, virtual event, brand collaboration, or live speaking engagement, Jennifer is ready to dive in! She can help you grow your business and spread your message to a wider audience, and she's the perfect partner to help you make a real impact.


If you have a business, message, or product that you think would be a good fit for Jennifer's audience, reach out to to learn more. Keep in mind that all product collaborations should be discussed prior to mailing, so don't hesitate to get in touch.


Don't miss the opportunity to work with a genuine spiritual visionary and join in the mission to build the New Earth together!


If you have already spoken to Jennifer and she is booked for an event with you, please use the information below to help you build your campaign.

Details & Links


*Topics that Jennifer speaks on (but not limited to):

⇴ Fifth-Dimensional Living and New Earth Leadership

⇴ Rediscovering Who You Are (Human Design, Astrology, and more)

⇴ Empire Building (Building Your Dream Life &/Or Business)

⇴ Mindset & the Power of the Mind

⇴ Universal Laws/Law of Attraction

⇴ Holistic Health and Wellness (Healing with Plant Medicine)

⇴ The New Earth - Rise of The Rainbow Warriors

⇴ Disclosure/Aliens/Starseeds



Jennifer is interested in representing/sharing/using products that are:

⇴ holistic, natural, healing, non-toxic

⇴ eco, wellness and retreat based travel

⇴ high vibrational fashion-forward (shoes/clothes/jewelry) - Upcycles 

⇴ spiritual, high vibrational, creating for the new earth

⇴ useful, aesthetic-pleasing




As the visionary leader of RISE Innerversity and Rooted Publishing House, and the force behind Unity Works Agency, Jen empowers soulpreneurs to bridge the cosmic realms with the grounding essence of Earth. Her innovative approach combines adventure-driven learning, tech savviness, and strategic business insights to foster transformative experiences.


At the heart of her mission, Jen helps visionaries tackle burnout, demystify tech challenges, and recognize their true worth. Through quantum healing and practical tools, she guides individuals toward realizing their soul's calling and building impactful legacies. A mentor, speaker, and advocate for 5D learning, Jen offers platforms like RISE and Unity Works Agency for growth, showcasing, and real-world application.


Connect with her for a journey into cosmic potential and tangible success at and explore how Unity Works Agency can elevate your vision at


Name For Headlines: Jen, The Empire Heyoka

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