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Ready to Redefine Your Success Story?

Join the rEVOLUTION where visionaries redefine success — wrapped in wisdom, driven by ambition, and designed with your true self in mind.


Where Vision Meets Soul – Unapologetically & Unstoppably.

Welcome to 'The Balanced Visionary Podcast' with Jennifer Nunez. This isn't just another podcast; it's your frontline resource for living a life that's as impactful as it is fulfilling. Here in 'The Balanced Visionary,' we tear down the myths that hold you back. We’re talking raw, real, and revolutionary insights with Jen, who’s been where you are and knows how to cross the bridge to where you want to be.


Episodes That Empower

Empower, Enlighten, Achieve: (Formerly the Awakening Hour) 'The Balanced Visionary' is a meeting point for ambitious dreams and soulful wisdom. This podcast is a haven for those seeking to excel while discovering and embracing their authentic selves. We delve into personal growth, spiritual depth, and professional success, offering insights and tools to harmonize your drive with inner harmony. Join us on a journey to redefine success – where it's not just about achievements, but also about self-discovery and inner fulfillment.

Hallway with Pillars

Meet Your Host, Jennifer Nunez

Your Catalyst for Change

Hi! My name is Jen, also known as the Empire Heyoka. As headmistress of RISE Innerversity, it's my mission to help you unleash your true potential and become the Visionary Leader you were born to be.


I'm not just a voice in your headphones; I'm your strategist, confidant, and cheerleader, all rolled into one. With a flair for breaking down complex journeys into actionable steps, I'm on a mission to guide you through the chaos of ambition to the clarity of success that resonates with your soul.


At RISE Innerversity, we've created an educational platform unlike any other. With empowering resources, transformative courses, and personalized coaching, we support you in your quest for balance, fulfillment, and purpose.


Take a look around and discover the magic of RISE Innerversity. Our community is waiting to welcome you on this epic adventure of self-discovery and growth. Let's rise together and unlock the power within!

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Jennifer Nunez, Jennifer Whittington

Be a Part of 'The Balanced Visionary'

Are you a visionary with a story that could inspire? Do you possess insights that resonate with ambition and soulfulness?


'The Balanced Visionary' is not just my voice; it's a chorus of the driven, the passionate, and the transformative. If you feel a spark to share, contribute, or simply engage more deeply with our community, we'd love to hear from you.


Join us as a guest, share your journey, or contribute your thoughts. Together, we're not just listening; we're transforming.


  • What is RISE Innerversity?
    RISE Innerversity is a Sacred Learning Community and Private Club dedicated to offering classes, workshops, tools, and services that teach mastery and promote healing in essential fields of human activation and conscious entrepreneurship. RISE Innerversity is a sanctuary for the modern spiritual entrepreneur. It's a metaphysical ecosystem where technology meets spiritual growth, designed to guide emerging and established spiritual professionals like healers, coaches, and holistic practitioners.
  • What Makes Us Different?
    🌟 Choose Your Own Adventure 🌟 In the vast expanse of spiritual education, many paths lay before you, but not all resonate with your unique soul song. At RISE Innerversity, we honor the individuality of every seeker's journey. Instead of a one-size-fits-all curriculum, we invite you to Choose Your Own Adventure. 🌌 Interactive Exploration: Weave through our courses, intuitively selecting the ones that call to your spirit. 🌌 Personalized Progression: Move at your own rhythm. Whether you wish to delve deep into a singular realm or dance between diverse teachings, the choice is truly yours. 🌌 Dynamic Discovery: As you evolve, so do your needs. Our platform empowers you to continually align with your current spiritual and entrepreneurial aspirations. 🌍 Bridging the Tech and Spiritual Realms 🌍 In an era where technology reigns supreme, the spiritual entrepreneur often finds themselves at a crossroads. How does one maintain authentic spiritual practice while navigating the complexities of the digital world? 🖥 Tech-Savvy Spirituality: We don't shy away from technology; we embrace it. Our teachings seamlessly integrate spiritual practices with today's tech necessities, from digital marketing to online workshops. 🖥 Holistic Digital Guidance: Our courses go beyond spiritual teachings, diving into the nitty-gritty of technology. Learn how to set up a spiritual webinar, optimize your online presence, and more, all with spiritual integrity. 🖥 Empowerment in the Digital Age: With RISE Innerversity, you're not just gaining spiritual wisdom; you're acquiring the skills to thrive as a spiritual entrepreneur in the digital era.
  • Who Do We Work Best With?
    RISE Innerversity is a haven for souls at the confluence of spiritual ambition and digital curiosity. Yet, within this vast spectrum, certain individuals find an unparalleled resonance with our teachings and philosophy. Here's who thrives the most within our celestial gates: 🌌 The Tech-Curious Spiritualist If you are someone who feels the spiritual currents deeply but is equally fascinated by the endless possibilities of technology, our teachings are tailored for you. We blend these realms, demystifying tech for the spiritual heart. 🌌 The Visionary Seeker You are driven not just by personal spiritual growth but by a burning desire to make a broader impact. As an emerging or established spiritual entrepreneur, you look for ways to align your business model with cosmic energies. 🌌 The Evolving Alchemist Your journey has seen you wear multiple hats – healer, coach, intuitive consultant, holistic health practitioner. You're continually seeking to refine and redefine your craft, eager to amalgamate varied learnings into a potent brew of service and success. 🌌 The Digital Nomad of Spirituality You love the freedom and reach the digital world offers but are often overwhelmed by its vastness. Our structured yet flexible 'Choose Your Own Adventure' approach allows you to chart a unique path, one pixel and one mantra at a time. 🌌 The Harmony Hunter You feel the internal tug-of-war – the yearning for material comforts and stability, juxtaposed against a spiritual calling. At RISE Innerversity, we help souls like you find the golden balance, marrying the terrestrial with the ethereal. 🌌 The Luminary Leader While you are a beacon of light for many, guiding them through their spiritual and life journeys, even leaders seek guidance. Our community provides mentorship tailored for those who guide, ensuring you continually replenish and evolve. RISE Innerversity's gates are open for all, but those who mirror the archetypes above find a deeper connection, richer growth, and an accelerated path to mastering both their spiritual and entrepreneurial quests.
  • Who Might RISE Innerversity Not Work For?
    Our ethos at RISE Innerversity is to foster a transformative environment for growth, empowerment, and mutual respect. While our doors are welcoming, it's essential to understand the alignment needed for our Mastermind Programs. Here's a clarity on who might not find these programs the right fit: 🌌 Those Facing Financial Desperation RISE Innerversity's Mastermind Programs are a significant investment, not just monetarily but energetically as well. If you're currently navigating financial instability, the stress might overshadow the program's benefits. Before immersing in such a commitment, consider grounding your financial situation. Whether it's securing a job or adopting temporary stability measures, ensuring you can comfortably invest in the program is crucial for its success. 🌌 Chronic Skeptics & Frequent Complainers Our programs thrive on trust, openness, and a willingness to embark on new journeys. If you often find yourself doubting every step or voicing complaints without seeking solutions, the alignment might be off. We seek participants eager to engage, learn, and transform. 🌌 Consistent Procrastinators Commitment is key. If you habitually delay tasks or avoid assignments, the intensity and depth of our Mastermind Programs might become overwhelming. We need participants ready to dive in, engage, and actively contribute to their growth journey. A Gentle Note: It's crucial to emphasize that these pointers aren't judgments but rather guidelines to ensure the highest success rate for our participants. If you feel the Mastermind Programs might be a leap too soon, consider joining our free community, The Courtyard. Engage with the RISE Innerversity monthly program, building a foundation until you're ready for a deeper plunge. And when that moment arrives, rest assured, RISE Innerversity and I will be here, ready to guide you towards a realm of abundance, purpose, and profound transformation.
  • Transformation & Results with RISE Innerversity
    Transformation & Results with RISE Innerversity Personal Growth & Inner Mastery 🌌 Deepened Self-Awareness: Discover hidden facets of your personality, strengths, and areas of growth, all illuminated through spiritual insights and practices. 🌌 Enhanced Mindfulness & Presence: Cultivate a more profound connection with the present moment, allowing for clarity, focus, and joy in daily life. 🌌 Emotional Resilience: Equip yourself with tools and strategies to navigate life's ups and downs with grace and equanimity. Spiritual Evolution 🌌 Cosmic Connection: Dive into the mysteries of the universe, forging a deeper bond with the cosmos and its guiding energies. 🌌 Sacred Self-Realization: Unfold the layers of your spiritual being, realizing your divine purpose and connection. 🌌 Intuitive Amplification: Enhance your intuitive abilities, allowing you to trust and act on your inner guidance more confidently. Business & Career Progression 🌌 Tech-Integrated Spirituality: Seamlessly integrate spiritual practices into a tech-driven business model, standing out in a saturated market. 🌌 Strategic Clarity: Gain clarity on your spiritual business's vision, mission, and the actionable steps needed to bring your aspirations to life. 🌌 Value Recognition & Pricing Mastery: Understand your unique offerings' intrinsic value, empowering you to price your services confidently and justly. Community & Network Growth 🌌 Tribe Building: Be a part of a like-minded community of spiritual entrepreneurs, fostering collaboration, support, and mutual growth. 🌌 Influential Networking: Access opportunities to collaborate, partner, and grow with influential figures in the spiritual and tech realms. 🌌 Showcase Opportunities: Enjoy platforms and events to display your skills, services, and products to a broader, yet targeted, audience. Holistic Wellbeing 🌌 Physical Rejuvenation: Imbibe practices and knowledge that promote physical health, energy, and vitality. 🌌 Mental Tranquility: Equip yourself with tools to manage stress, anxiety, and the mental challenges of entrepreneurship. 🌌 Energetic Balance: Learn techniques to cleanse, balance, and amplify your energy, ensuring you operate from a space of vibrant vitality. Through RISE Innerversity, participants don't just undergo a singular change; they experience a holistic transformation that touches every aspect of their being – from their personal inner world to their outer professional landscape. You Can Expect to Feel: 🌌 Empowered: Experience a newfound sense of self-assuredness, ready to take on challenges and embrace opportunities. 🌌 Enlightened: Bask in moments of clarity, where spiritual truths illuminate your path and purpose. 🌌 Connected: Feel a deep bond with the universe, your peers, and most importantly, your true self. 🌌 Inspired: Encounter daily bursts of motivation and creativity, fueled by teachings and community interactions. 🌌 Rejuvenated: As if every cell of your being has been refreshed, feeling more alive and present in every moment. 🌌 Supported: Sense the comforting embrace of a like-minded community, always there to uplift, advise, and encourage. 🌌 Grounded: Even amidst spiritual flights, feel deeply anchored to the Earth and your physical existence. 🌌 Liberated: Free from past limitations, ready to rewrite your narrative and embrace your potential. 🌌 Balanced: Experience a harmonious blend of your spiritual aspirations and practical obligations. 🌌 Focused: With clear direction and purpose, ensuring every step taken is aligned with your higher goals. 🌌 Loved: Cherish the unconditional acceptance and warmth of a community that sees, understands, and values your essence. 🌌 Transformed: Recognize the profound inner shifts, leading to a more evolved, aware, and radiant version of yourself. These feelings encapsulate the profound emotional and spiritual shifts one can anticipate during their journey with RISE Innerversity.
  • How quickly can you expect results?
    It really varies from person to person. Some clients are raring to go and eager to break free from the Matrix and step into their soul purpose in no time at all. They may experience a shift in as little as a few weeks. However, for others, the journey may take a little longer. It all comes down to your current state, the areas you're struggling with the most, and your determination to put the knowledge you gain into action for your own benefit.
  • Why do I have to pay a $4 membership fee for the 🌌 SEEKER: membership?
    The $4 fee allows you to join RISE Innerversity as a private member. We operate as a private club, ensuring a curated and secure experience for our community members. This one-time fee grants you lifetime access to our basic offerings and a wealth of information.
  • What does it mean to be a Private Club?
    Being a Private Club means RISE Innerversity operates within a closed community. Our membership structure ensures the protection, privacy, and exclusive offerings for our members, safeguarding the integrity and essence of our teachings.
  • Why does RISE Innerversity have a private membership structure?
    Our private structure ensures that we maintain a sacred space, free from external interferences, where our members can openly explore, learn, and grow. It also provides added security and exclusivity to our offerings.
  • How does the 🌌 SEEKER: membership differ from the ADEPT and THE SAGE/MASTER memberships?
    The 🌌 SEEKER: membership is your gateway to RISE Innerversity, granting basic access to our courses, member portal, and app. The ADEPT plan includes everything in the SEEKER plan plus additional hours of curriculum, group guidance sessions, and more. THE SAGE/MASTER membership is an upgraded tier for those deeply committed to their spiritual journey, offering extensive features, including showcasing one's talents and offerings within the community. Please see the enrollment page for further information.
  • What if I have questions or need support after joining?
    Our dedicated team is always here to help. Members, especially those on THE SAGE/MASTER plan, can enjoy real-time support via our Wix App.
  • Can I upgrade my membership later?
    Absolutely! You can upgrade from 🌌 SEEKER: to ADEPT or from ADEPT to THE SAGE/MASTER whenever you feel ready to dive deeper into your spiritual journey with RISE Innerversity.
  • Are there any restrictions or conditions tied to the private membership?
    Yes, as a member, you affirm that: You don't represent any adversarial entity or agency with intentions contrary to our community. Your contributions towards any product or service are voluntary donations, not commercial purchases. You respect the private nature of our agreement and will not raise concerns to external governmental authorities.
  • How can I see what it’s like to work with you?
    Check out our rave reviews on the Client Testimonials page! Get inspired by the stories of individuals who have transformed their lives with our programs and services. See which ones resonate with you, whether it be because you relate to their struggles or desire similar results. Let the testimonials guide you on your journey towards your own personal breakthrough.
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The sanctum of inner wisdom: your all-encompassing haven for esoteric coaching, designed to unveil the mysteries of your true self.

In the sacred sanctuary of transformation, emerge as your authentic self, empowered and united with kindred spirits. RISE Innerversity weaves education, healing, and spiritual growth, rejuvenating body, mind, and soul. Embrace the tools to manifest the life of your dreams.

Become a Life Time Member for $4 —heed the call and embark upon the path to mastery.

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