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Jennifer Whittington

Headmistress at RISE Innerversity

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🌌 Impactor | Alchemist | Oracle 🧬

Jennifer is a committed Quantum Architect and Techy Shaman, who initiated her ethereal voyage following a series of divinely orchestrated awakenings.

Anchored in the interwoven philosophies of Human Design and celestial astrology, Jennifer upholds the conviction that each individual is an intricate tapestry of cosmic intentions, destined to navigate and resonate with the universe's harmonious symphony.

Drawing wisdom from Nature's infinite library and blessed by serendipitous encounters with soulful mentors, Jennifer marries the alchemy of Quantum Healing, Esoteric Knowledge, and innovative spiritual technologies. This powerful fusion guides souls towards a deeper understanding of their cosmic blueprint and a reinvigorated connection with their higher self.

A defining chapter in Jennifer's odyssey was the inception of RISE Innerversity—a sanctuary for soul-driven pioneers, workaholics seeking equilibrium, and rebels yearning for visionary clarity.

Beyond her transformative sessions and cosmic consultations, Jennifer revels in nature's embrace, shares heartfelt moments with her feline companions, cherishes the joys brought by her son and grandson, indulges in nourishing high-vibe cuisines, deepens connections with kindred spirits, and paints the world with her eclectic artistic expressions.

Embark with Jennifer on a transformative expedition to illuminate the divine architecture within, harness the universe's digital codes, and pioneer a future harmonized with our ethereal essence.

💖 Guiding souls through merging the ethereal realms with the physical.

📿 With 26 of experience in Business and administration, 15 years in graphic design, 10 in Marketing, and Spiritual my whole life. Past 6 Years I have embraced my spiritual gifts which are, shamanism, mindset coaching, alchemy, human design and astrology.

🌍 See my certifications here.

💬 Quote: ["A personal or favorite spiritual quote that resonates with their philosophy"]

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    Upcoming Alchemist
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