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Elevate Your Business, Nourish Your Soul

Are you a spiritual entrepreneur seeking to merge your ethereal passion with pragmatic business growth? You're in the right place.


Unlock the Highest Version of Your Entrepreneurial Self with Sacred Success Academy

Are you a spiritual entrepreneur seeking to merge your ethereal passion with pragmatic business growth? You're in the right place.

What is Sacred Success Academy?

Embark on a transformational 6-month journey designed for spiritual entrepreneurs like you. The Sacred Success Academy combines the intuitive and logical, the Feminine and the Masculine, to bring a balanced, holistic approach to business growth.


The Sacred Syllabus:
Your Six-Month Roadmap

Service Name

Phase 1: Foundation (FEMININE)

  • Unique Blueprint Crafting: Custom-tailored strategies to bring out your business's unique value proposition and systemize your offerings.

  • Soul Client Search: Innovative client attraction methods to tap into your target market and draw your dream clients toward you.

  • Candle Ceremony & Activation: A powerful guided ritual to set intentions and visualize your pathways to success.

  • High Vibrational Pull: Transformative techniques to energetically align yourself with your envisioned future.


Service Name

Phase 2: Action (MASCULINE)

  • Holistic Marketing & Social Media: Comprehensive training on digital marketing essentials curated specifically for spiritual businesses.

  • Newsletters & Autoresponders: Step-by-step guides on how to build a loyal community through compelling content and effective automation.

  • Tested & Scalable Sales Strategies: Cutting-edge sales funnels and conversion techniques to secure sustainable business growth.

What’s Inside the Sacred Vault?

Best Value




Balanced Business Alchemy: Feminine & Masculine Synergy

Valid for 6 months

9 One-On-One Coaching with Jen for 6-Months

Alchemist Membership to 20+ hours of curriculum

Resources: Gain access to Cheat Sheets, Templates, Workbooks

Direct Support: Enjoy real-time support via the Wix App

Online Community with Others Soulprenuers

Group Coaching: Participate in bi-monthly group coaching


Exclusive Bonus: 6-Month Membership to RISE Innerversity

Amplify Your Growth with Bi-Monthly Group Empowerment Calls

Exclusive to Sacred Success Academy members, this bonus offering deepens your journey through an extended membership to RISE Innerversity.

What's Inside Your RISE Innerversity Membership:

𓂀 Bi-Monthly Group Calls: Twice a month, join a community of like-minded spiritual entrepreneurs in an intimate setting. During these calls, we'll dive into specialized topics, answer your burning questions, and break through any obstacles you're facing. It’s not just about learning; it’s about growing together.

𓂀 Guest Speakers and Experts: To enrich your experience, we regularly invite industry leaders and spiritual gurus to share their wisdom, providing you with diversified perspectives and advanced strategies.

 𓂀 Accountability Partners: Find your spiritual-business soulmate! We pair you with an accountability partner to keep you on track and offer focused peer-to-peer support.

 𓂀 Resource Library Access: As a member, you'll gain access to an exclusive library filled with video lectures, meditations, and advanced training modules that you can consume at your own pace.

𓂀 Priority Customer Support: Skip the queue and get your questions answered promptly with our priority customer support, available exclusively for our RISE Innerversity 6-month members.

Unlock Extra Dimensions
of Your Potential

With your 6-month membership to RISE Innerversity, you’re not just investing in a program; you're investing in a community. A community that amplifies your learning, bolsters your courage, and champions your success.

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