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Uncover the Art of Spiritual Alchemy: Transform Your Journey, Empower Your Empire

Embark on an extraordinary journey with the Alchemist Membership. Ignite your inner magic and manifest your dream spiritual empire.

Image by Denley Photography

Once upon a time, you woke up in a strange, magical land.


You looked around, marveling at the towering trees, the sparkling streams, and the distant mountains that seemed to stretch up into the clouds. As you took your first steps, a figure appeared before you - it was a wise Sage with long brown hair and piercing hazel eyes.

"Welcome, traveler," the Sage said. "I am here to guide you on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. You see, this land is called RISE Innerveristy, and it is a place where people come to unlock their full potential, uncover their true purpose, and achieve greatness beyond their wildest dreams."


As you listened to the Sage's words, you felt a thrill of excitement and anticipation. Could this be the place you had been searching for, the place where you could finally break free from the limitations that had been holding you back?


The Sage smiled and beckoned you to follow her. "Your journey begins now," she said.


And so you set out on an incredible adventure, exploring the many wonders of RISE Innerveristy, and discovering secrets and insights that would change your life forever. You met fellow travelers along the way, each with their own unique story and struggles, but all united by the common goal of growth and self-improvement.


You delved into ancient wisdom, unlocking the secrets of the mind, body, and spirit. You learned powerful techniques for transforming your thoughts, beliefs, and habits, and for tapping into the limitless potential that lay within you helping you build your empire.


At every turn, you were challenged, inspired, and uplifted, as you journeyed deeper and deeper into the heart of RISE Innerveristy. And when you emerged from this magical land, you were a different person - stronger, wiser, and more confident than ever before.


Now, as you look back on your journey, you realize that RISE Innerveristy was not just a place, but a state of mind. A mindset of growth, of possibility, and of limitless potential. And you know that you can carry that mindset with you wherever you go, and that it will continue to guide you on your path to success and fulfillment.


If you're ready to embark on your own journey of self-discovery and transformation, then RISE Innerveristy is waiting for you. Join us today, and unlock your full potential!

Are you a spiritual entrepreneur feeling lost and burned out? Seeking guidance to align your purpose with your passion and build a thriving spiritual empire?


The universe has guided you here for a reason.

Welcome to RISE Innerversity Alchemist Membership, a mystical sanctuary designed to empower spiritual entrepreneurs like you. Connect with kindred spirits, gain access to transformative resources, and receive the guidance you need to turn your dreams into reality - all within the palm of your hand through our convenient app.

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Every month

Transform Your Journey, Empower Your Empire

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3 day free trial

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In this transformative journey, you can expect to:

🜔 Unveil Hidden Wisdom: Access exclusive content crafted to reveal expert insights and transformative personal development guidance.

🜔 Sacred Knowledge Sharing: Engage in illuminating live webinars with expert speakers.


🜔 A Gathering of Kindred Spirits: Connect in our private, ethereal community forum.


🜔 Divine Guidance and Mentorship: Receive personalized coaching for spiritual and business growth.


🜔 Celestial Savings: Enjoy members-only discounts on our mystical courses and offerings.


🜔 Astral Networking Events: Attend magical virtual meet-ups for collaboration and connection.


🜔 Arcane Archives: Explore our enchanting library of resources for your spiritual journey.


🜔 Spiritual Synergy: Unite in accountability partnerships and mastermind groups for collective success.


🜔 First Light Access: Be the first to benefit from our freshest, most illuminating courses.


🜔 Honors and Blessings: Earn recognition and rewards through our celestial membership system.

🜔 RISE Innerversity App: Access our mystical sanctuary anytime, anywhere with our user-friendly app, designed to support your spiritual journey on the go.

Join the Alchemist Membership today and take the first step towards your magical transformation. Embrace your destiny, empower your spiritual journey, and manifest the success you desire.


What You Receive When You Join:

🜚 Unlock the cosmic gateway and explore the vast cosmos of RISE Innerversity's courses and videos, a celestial archive designed for your journey of self-discovery at your own rhythm of the universe.

🜚 Join Our Two Alchemist Round Tables (group guidance sessions), offered at two distinct cosmic alignments, ensuring you receive the celestial mentorship you require, precisely when the stars align for you.

🜚 Privileged entry into our enchanted members' sanctuary, guarded by celestial encryption for your peace of mind. Secure members portal.


🜚 Fresh, live wisdom streams flow in each week, nourishing your spiritual growth with ever-evolving insights.

🜚 Exclusive celestial invitations to partake in additional courses and trainings, reserved for the chosen initiates of our community.

🜚 Extended readings for intuitive guidance, to help you tap into your inner wisdom, and gain clarity and insight on your journey of self-discovery and transformation.

🜚 "Member Magic: Discover the Best of What Our Members Have to Offer" is an exclusive offering that comes included with your membership. As a member, you'll have the opportunity to showcase your talents, knowledge, and unique offerings to a community of like-minded individuals on our community calendar. Whether you're a budding artist, seasoned professional, or passionate hobbyist, "Members at the Mic" provides a platform for you to share your gifts with others on our community calendar and build lasting connections. Don't miss out on this chance to shine and make your mark within the community.

In the cosmic dance of spiritual alchemy, you are both the canvas and the artist. Transmute your journey, illuminate your path, and manifest the universe within.

Start Your Journey To Mastery,

And Join The Innerversity Today.


    Embark on Your Learning Odyssey - Start Your Journey Today
    Free Plan
    • Free Courses: Explore subjects and gain insight
    • The Adept Community: Connect with like-minded community
    • The Forum: Participate in meaningful discussions
    • Workbooks & More: Access tailored tools

    Every month
    Transform Your Journey, Empower Your Empire
     3 day free trial
    • Unveil Hidden Wisdom: Access our exclusive courses
    • Divine Guidance and Mentorship Through Group Coaching
    • A Gathering of Kindred Spirit: Private & Ethereal Community.
    • Sacred Knowledge Sharing: Illuminating live webinars/events
    • Celestial Savings: Enjoy members-only discounts
    • Astral Networking Events: Attend magical virtual meet-ups
    • Arcane Archives: Explore our enchanting library of resources
    • Spiritual Synergy: Unite in accountability partnerships
    • First Light Access to our Courses
    • Honors and Blessings: Earn recognition and rewards

    Balanced Business Alchemy: Feminine & Masculine Synergy
    Valid for 6 months
    • 9 One-On-One Coaching with Jen for 6-Months
    • Alchemist Membership to 20+ hours of curriculum
    • Resources: Gain access to Cheat Sheets, Templates, Workbooks
    • Direct Support: Enjoy real-time support via the Wix App
    • Online Community with Others Soulprenuers
    • Group Coaching: Participate in bi-monthly group coaching

Current Courses Available Inside Of
RISE Innerversity

The Alchemist Membership: Your journey towards spiritual alchemy and transformation begins here.

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